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Faust in Downtown Providence gets a makeover that takes it from cold to cozy.  This included staining and installing wood veneer paneling...first time for everything.  As well as gold/brass highlights in the trimming and ceiling. 

Check it out and order the schnitzel!

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A little glam in California!

Back in California for my oldest and favorite client, Jennifer.  We've been wanting to transform this room for years, and the day(well, 9 really) finally came. I may add more detail on my next stint in Cali, but overall design is there.  

She loves it, and I love it.

For the walls, I used Ralph Lauren polished patina in a custom color to suit the space.  Then hand painted a floral pattern with wisteria, roses and birds.  I also applied the polished patina on the ceiling with a  different technique for an ombre, cloudy feel. 

*Special note...I couldn't have done it without the support of my hostesses with the mostestness(not a word, but I don't care), Noelle and Eric. Thank you!


I love working with venetian plaster!   It's so versatile and the end result is always well as, gives my upper arms a much needed workout.  I especially like it for feature walls and fire surrounds.  Here's one example of a polished venetian plaster applied in a cool ombre effect. Located in walking distance to the beach, my client had a perfect mix of modern with natural elements.  The final result was a perfect balance of both.  

To see more examples of venetian plaster, browse my website @

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